How to use our BBQ Briquettes

By Nicola Wozniak

This is not your average charcoal, it’s grass!

Our briquettes are made from pure Miscanthus, and therefore require simple changes when you choose to BBQ with them. This is what we recommend…


Recommended BBQ type

Grills with adjustable vents and removable lids


How to BBQ with Miscanthus Briquettes

1.  Open or take off BBQ lid, remove main grill shelf and open BBQ vents.

2. Add 100% Natural Miscanthus Firestarters to the base of your BBQ and light.

Note: The number of Firestarters added will depend on the size of your BBQ and amount of food you are cooking. For a small BBQ we recommend using 1-3, 3-5 for medium and 5-7 for large to make sure there is enough heat. Alternatively, you could use less Firestarters and add a larger amount of kindling.

3. Pile a couple of handfuls of kindling on top of the Firestarters.

4. Once the kindling is lit and a good-sized flame has built up, place the Miscanthus briquettes on the BBQ.

Note: Again, the number of Briquettes used will depend your BBQs size and the amount of food being cooked. One bag on a medium sized BBQ should be sufficient for food to feed 4 people. Keep sufficient air flow to ensure briquettes stay alight, this will reduce the initial smoke.

5. To stop the heat burning out quickly, use your vents to bring the air intake down a little when the flame diminishes.

6. Add your main grill back on to the BBQ with a couple sprigs of rosemary on top for flavour.

7. You are now ready to cook on grass!